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Founded in April of 2007, Get Efficient has become a key player in the technology support arena for associations, non-profits and other organizations (we have become experts in association management systems, association software, certifications, data migration).  Our founder, Brandie Fennell Duncan, has dedicated her entire professional career to the non-profit industry.  Since inception, her vision was to help non-profits increase their productivity in order to serve their members better and support their mission with the fewest financial resources.  She took the exciting entrepreneurial step to launch a solutions focused business.  The business quickly grew with clients and services proving her dream had become a reality.  In early 2015 Brandie added Dan Thoms as President with the mission of continuing corporate growth through a business approach to Clients, Services and Solutions.

Get Efficient is a consulting and technology integration firm focused on providing associations and for-profit businesses with productivity improvements based on “lean” processes and innovative tools.  Among its key areas of competence: Education and Learning, Certifications, Process Improvement, Project Management, Web Applications, Data Migration, and System Integrations.  The company has been in operation for more than seven years. 


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Corporate Address: 1048 Dolphin Drive, Cape Coral, Fl 33904.

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