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Award Winning for Customer Satisfaction

In 2015 ASI, the makers of iMIS, announced at their Innovations Conference that Get Efficient was one of five top "Client Support Leaders". Providing superior 5 star service is a distinction we are proud of, and we apply top notch service with every client engagement we undertake. 

Experience has shown us that existing customers need ongoing technical support—typically a level of assistance that software manufacturers won't provide. It's a void that Get Efficient fills for numerous clients, either through pay-by-the-hour help desk support or a Managed Service called Virtual Database Administration .  In both of these support plans, Get Efficient provides a team of experts to solve your challenges. You'll be assigned one account manager to evaluate your help desk tickets and identify the type of resource required to fulfill your request.

Help Desk - Need a report?

Business intelligence is a key differentiator for most organizations.   Reports, dashboards, and making information out of data are the key tools you need to give you what is needed for your clients, members, and staff.

Get Efficient has built hundreds of reports and dashboards to give you such information.  We understand your business and can assist you quickly with getting the information you need in the format you desire.

Reports & Dashboards are focused on:
Usage Reports
Engagement Reports
Email Opens and Clicks


Looking for consulting services?  We are a "Client Satisfaction Leader",  Please contact us today to discuss how we can work together.

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